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  1. Pull data from a template to a content library item with the help of tokens  ·  Idea

  2. Bulk send: Allow to use the same email address for different recipients if other data differs

  3. Ability to export documents data (document name, status, date, value and owner ) into CSV or Excel file  ·  Idea

  4. Pipedrive - integration selects a template based on custom fields data in Pipedrive and fills them in in PandaDoc  ·  Idea

  5. direct a new document with the transfer data option into the folder the initial document was created in  ·  Idea

  6. The ability to pass the optional selections and quantity along with the multiple-choice via Data transfer to feature  ·  Idea

  7. Version History Log /Report

  8. Delete a document found in the search  ·  Idea

  9. Zendesk Support Account Tokens  ·  Idea

  10. Paperform  ·  Idea

  11. Connect with Credit agency for document approals  ·  Idea

  12. Automatically remove an empty row from the table

  13. Have a Zapier trigger where it can collect files from a PandaDoc upload files field.

  14. Change checkbox fields values to numerical instead of true/false in a zap  ·  Idea

  15. An error message that shows if two correlating fields don't match

  16. Option to convert /transfer info of normal table to the pricing table  ·  Idea

  17. Reporting feature in API

  18. Lock ability to create a document from an existing sent document  ·  Idea

  19. Integration or useful Zaps to use with HouseCall Pro

  20. Generate a bundled document transaction based on smart content  ·  Idea