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  1. General setting to disable data merge  ·  Idea

  2. Inline comments for recipients  ·  Released

  3. Data storage - AWS servers  ·  Idea

  4. a button to push edits to salesforce would be useful as well as the existing button that updates the document from salesforce data.  ·  Idea

  5. Ability to received a combined PDF for FORM responses  ·  Idea

  6. Option to use sms verification trough Zapier or API.

  7. change API response for uploaded ev2 document creation when fields are not properly mapped. Users still get 201 created response despite no  ·  Idea

  8. Metrics/reporting for contract negotiations (redlining). Detailed exportable summary  ·  Idea

  9. Reporting on template variable fields.  ·  Idea

  10. [Google Sheets] Pass token data  ·  Idea

  11. Transfer Data - pass Fields values to a new document  ·  Idea

  12. Export recipients' data of the docs in a specific status  ·  Idea

  13. when a form is completed, can I choose who receives the response  ·  Idea

  14. Aggregate Document Analytics in Reporting Dashboard  ·  Idea

  15. Ability to see Bulk Send results in Reporting / Data Analytics  ·  Idea

  16. Fields in the webhook response to appear in the alphabetical order

  17. Merge Fields for File Uploads  ·  Idea

  18. Pricing table data merge option for Pipeliner CRM  ·  Idea

  19. Reporting - drill down to the data within the numbers. If a number is displayed, have the opportunity to click the number and view the data

  20. Reporting of multicurrency in the same workspace  ·  Idea