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    Kirk Amos commented  · 

    After seeing the above comment about this feature request being released, I went to test it on our templates.

    Alas, I have found that I am still only able to lock the block's position after I turn on the "Restrict Editing" option. Once I turn the "Restrict Editing" back off, "Lock Block Position" either turns itself off if it is on or becomes greyed out if it is off, not allowing me to turn it on.
    What I need is to be able to lock the position of the block, but still allow users to edit the contents that are contained within the block.

    It would be amazing if this was also an option for fillable fields. I can spend hours trying to perfect the position of the block/field to make sure the document will look glorious upon delivery to the client...just for one of my sales rep's to completely butcher it when he goes to fill all of the fillable fields, completely accidentally.

    Regarding text blocks, there are times someone forgets to put in a variable when creating a contact...Well, if all of my text blocks have to be locked from content editing, there's absolutely no way to fix the document. It's completely trashed because it could be missing a last name. Or the first name may be mistyped. They're required to delete that document, edit the contact, then recreate an entirely new document...And if they don't realize this mistake until they fill out the entire document...that could be another hour on their end to re-do the whole thing. And what if they're at a client's home when this happens?

    In short, it is critical for us to be able to lock the position of both text blocks and fillable fields, but not be required to lock the contents when doing so. I see the benefit of locking the contents of certain blocks, but if I had to choose between the two, I would choose to lock the position of the block over locking the contents of it.