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  1. Save Field Data when resending/editing  ·  Released

  2. Export Field Data into CSV or Excel file  ·  Idea

  3. Document Responsiveness on Mobile  ·  Idea

  4. Data Storage in Australia  ·  Idea

  5. Salesforce sync - refresh document data (tokens from contcts, product list, etc)  ·  Idea

  6. An option to use a custom fields with data merge in Hubspot  ·  Idea

  7. Export a pricing table (Quotes) into Excel: Ability to export the pricing table data on the completed document.  ·  Idea

  8. Refresh Pricing table and Data with MS Dynamics  ·  Idea

  9. Disable the option to edit a completed document  ·  Idea

  10. export document data

  11. Forms info transfer into a contract: Update a contact with form responses  ·  Idea

  12. Pull product data from Freshsales to pricing tables  ·  Idea

  13. Send Images as Token Data via Zapier  ·  Idea

  14. [CSV] Pass token/variable data: Ability to put the field values from the CSV file with the completed form/document data into variables  ·  Idea

  15. Edit Form Responses  ·  Idea

  16. Create a report/track data about Pricing table items and show Line Item statistics with data export  ·  Idea

  17. Forms responses CSV with columns named according to fields placeholders  ·  Idea

  18. Editor 2.0 Needs to Allow Pricing Tables to be Copied & Pasted from PandaDoc into Emails to Transfer and/or Manipulate Certain Data  ·  Idea

  19. Receive responses to whitelabeled email  ·  Idea

  20. Replace unfilled variables with blanks when creating docs via Zapier  ·  Idea

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